Parent Support Group

What is the PSG?

The Verran Primary Parents Support Group (PSG) is a crucial part of our school and we are a small voluntary group of parents and caregivers from the school, who are a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch. Like many PSGs (or PTAs), its biggest focus is fundraising. We are actively involved in fundraising for the school which makes a valuable addition to the government funding we receive to operate Verran Primary School.

When we fundraise, we raise money to carry out projects that benefit the school, pupils, parents and staff. For example in the last few years we have been able to buy classroom math equipment, and on a grander scale, complete the building of our new library. The PSG are not just a "fund" raising group, they also focus on running fun activities that make the experiences at Verran Primary so memorable for the children and their families, like our annual Town & Country Day.

Meetings are very informal and usually held once a month, there are a number of ways you can help: Attend our monthly meetings - on a one-off or a regular basis, help to plan and organize fundraising and school events, supporting social/evening school functions or by lending a hand on upcoming PSG events which are advertised in the school newsletter.

Past and present members of our PSG will tell you that being involved in the PSG is fantastic way to get involved in your child's school and it is a fun way to get to know other parents.