Parent Help

Parent Involvement in School Activities

Parents are actively encouraged to participate in school activities. This may include, assistance in classroom programmes; particularly in the Junior Department, or assistance with school trips; sports coaching, cultural activities or general school operations such as:

Book Repair
B.S.M. Resources

Please inform the school if you are willing to help in any of these areas.

Parent help is always appreciated. In addition there is a 'Parent Support Group' which is particularly concerned with fundraising activities.

New Parents

Two orientation evenings are held for parents of New Entrant children during the year. Parents will be notified of dates and times.

Community Help Scheme

There are several Community Centres available in the area, with the Birkdale Community Centre offering after school care.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Therapist is located at Birkenhead Primary School. Children can be enrolled at the clinic from 3 years or when they start school. If you require urgent treatment contact 480 9602 direct. A mobile dental van visits our school once a year and screens all children.

Clothing and Footwear

Children should be appropriately dressed at all times and we request that you name your child's items of clothing and belongings to assist their return. Clothing that is not claimed is kept in the cloakroom outside Room 3 and Room 4 for about a term. After that it is put into the clothing bin at the school gate. We ask that children wear shoes or sandals to school each day – this is a health and safety issue.

School T shirts are available at certain times during the school year. No stock is carried so parents need to place an order.

Lost Property

The school acquires large quantities of lost property, most UNNAMED.

Lost property is available (when recently lost) from outside Room 4 or inside Room 4 cloak bay in wet weather. Parents are encouraged to check this regularly. Please name all clothing.