Lunch Orders

When placing a lunch order please use a separate envelope for each pupil. The name of the child; room number; lunch order required; is written on the back of the envelope and money enclosed. This order is then placed in a lunchroom box in the child's classroom at 9am. On 'lunch order' days parents should ensure provision has been made for morning break needs.

Ashton Scholastic / Wheelers Bookclub Books

Throughout the year children will have the opportunity to purchase paper back books at a reasonable price through these book clubs. Cheques (payable to Ashton Scholastic Books, Wheelers Bookclub) and money for purchases must be returned to school with the completed form in an envelope stating child's name, room number and amount enclosed.

School Photographs

Individual and class photographs are taken every year. Classroom photos are taken in Term 1 and individual photos and sports teams Term 3. Photos will be sent home for parents - pre paid photos can be ordered.