Health & Welfare

First Aid

Staff are able to treat minor problems only. Although we have a bed in our sick bay it is our policy to contact parents when a child appears unwell or requires further medical attention. In an emergency when a parent or contact person is not available, the school will use the 'Vital Information' or 'Enrolment Information' to contact the family doctor if necessary.

Specialist Services

The school has access to the following:

  • Public Health Nurse (and Public Health Doctor, when required)
  • Psychological Service
  • Speech Therapist
  • Audiometrist (hearing and vision tester)
  • Advisor of the hearing impaired
  • Visiting Teacher

Children may be seen as a matter of course or as referred by parent or teacher.

Road Safety

a) Verran Road - children should cross over at the special patrol place at 3 p.m. In the morning they should go around the footpath.

b) Bush paths - Children are encouraged to walk to and from school in small groups.

c) Castleton Street - children should go around the footpath to the opposite side, not cross near Vandeleur Ave or any other point.

These rules have been made in the interests of child safety. Parents who do not wish their children to conform must accept all responsibility.