Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles are considered as being very important.

That Pupils:
  • enjoy coming to school and have a feeling of belonging;
  • have self-esteem and feel confident;
  • develop an inquiring mind;
  • have confidence to solve problems and make decisions;
  • maximise their full potential;
  • co-operate with others;
  • have a balanced programme which includes basic, as well as physical, cultural, social and creative activities;
  • have special needs recognised and catered for;
  • develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to take their place as useful members of society;
  • can communicate effectively;
  • care for others showing tolerance and acceptance of differences;
  • achieve success at an individual level.
Additional responses considered to be important:
  • develop cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • explore, experiment and learn from mistakes;
  • develop musical and sporting activities;
  • develop awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities;
  • compare progress with self, not others.