Meet the Teacher Evening

Early in the year, each syndicate holds a parent evening to inform parents of syndicate policies, programmes and organisations. It is also an opportunity for parents to informally meet their child's teacher. The aim of this meeting is to provide information in a general way and is for parents/guardians only.

Parent Interviews

The school considers oral reporting the most effective way to discuss pupils' achievements and progress with parents. Two formal verbal reportings are held each year. The first in the Term 2, and the second late in Term 3. A written report is provided in conjunction with the Term 2 parent interview, and during the last week of Term 4. This will describe children's individual achievements in key curriculum; personal/social areas.

Informal Conferences

Parents are welcome to make an appointment, through the school office at any time to discuss their child's progress, when there is a particular need or concern. Occasionally teachers may also initiate such a meeting when a matter requires discussion.

As teachers have various commitments before and after school, such as staff meetings and work preparation, they can not be readily available without an appointment. Parents are therefore requested to make an appointment with the teacher or through contacting the school office.


These are sent home weekly (on Thursday) with the eldest or only child of the family. General information, events, policies and curriculum matters will be provided as appropriate. This is also the method by which the school can regularly communicate important notices such as lunchroom days, changes to school organisation etc. Parents are encouraged to check their child's bag each Wednesday and READ the newsletter. Alternatively we can email the newsletter home when you provide an email address.

Occasionally additional news items, advice on class trips, policy matters may be sent home at other times during the week. Notification is usually given in the newsletter.